About me

Hi. I am Zoe. 

I love colour and texture. They bring me so much happiness.

Seven years ago, I left the city with my family, for the green village of Robertson in the Southern Highlands of NSW. It was a great move and an opportunity for us to make many changes to our lifestyle. 
Living in a community full of artisans has shown me the importance of quality and craftsmanship. I spend weeks every year sourcing wonderful things for my stores and enjoy meeting the makers and sharing their stories.
I opened my first store in Robertson in 2015 in the popular Coolroom Emporium Market. Each year the business has grown, attracting more and more loyal customers. In early 2020 I opened my second store in Dirty Janes in Canberra.

In March 2020 I finally entered the world of e-commerce, like most forced to close my physical stores by the pandemic. And although it was a strange and scary time, it allowed me to really focus on what I loved and how I could take this to a wider audience.

Everything that I sell I truly love and I hope you will too.

Enjoy my Zoco Home,
Zoe xx